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SRS has four independent finished-product manufacturing facilities for solid, liquid, semi-solid, liquid injection and dry powder injection dosage forms in Thane area.
  • Rabale Unit I:
    A Manufacturing site having independent B-lactum and non B-lactum blocks that manufactures products covered under the categories of Tablets - coated & uncoated (General), Capsules (General ,B-lactum), Dry Suspension (B-lactum), Ophthalmic Preparation, Small Volume Parenteral Injections (S.V.P) Liquid Injection, Dry Powder Injection (B-Lactum and General).

  • Rabale Unit II:
    A Manufacturing Site equipped to manufacture large-scale ophthalmic preparation and small volume parenterals Injections for the non-regulated markets.

  • Rebale Unit III:
    The plant provides Novel Gel delivery systems, and Innovative Soft Gelatin Dosage Forms. Multi-vitamins + Multi-minerals Oil based capsules, Pessaries, Suppositories, Chewable Tablets, Soft Gelatin capsules, Gelatin free vegetarian soft capsules.

  • Rebale Unit IV:
    Oncology manufacturing facility.

Solid-oral-dosage forms manufacturing facility for Tablets -coated & uncoated (General), Capsules (B-lactum), Oral Suspensions (bottles and sachets B-lactum and general).

The Facility is equipped to manufacture OTC, branded and generic products.

  • Pune Unit I:
    Manufacturing unit where solid-oral-dosage and oral suspension are manufactured. The Unit is dedicated to manufacture cephalosporin facility which has a capacity to produce 7 billion tablets and capsules serving the generic, OTC and Rx non regulated and semi regulated markets.

  • Pune Unit II:
    The plant engaged in manufacture Pharmaceutical products Tablet, Hard Gelatin Capsule & Liquid Oral formulations.

  • Shantinagar Unit I:
    This plant produces a multi-product range of generic pharmaceuticals in creams, ointments, liquid and suppository products serving the OTC, branded and Rx markets.

  • Shantinagar Unit II:
    A collaborative agreement with a contract manufacturer based in Nagpur manufacturing patented controlled release multi particulates oral drug delivery systems (pellet) Herbal Dietary Supplements.
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