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Follwing is the list of Finished formulations manufactured & exported by SRS Pharmaceuticals.

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Product Form Strength Pack Type Packing Style
Aceglutamide Lyophilized Injection 0.25g Vial 5ml
Choline from L-Alpha-GlycerylPhosphochlorine Hydrate Pastille 100gm Blister 10's
Choline from L-Alpha-GlycerylPhosphochlorine Hydrate Soft Gelatin Capsule 160mg Blister 10's
Choline from L-Alpha-GlycerylPhosphochlorine Hydrate + Brahmi Extract Pastille 100gm+ 25mg Blister 10's
Citicoline Capsule 500mg Blister 6's, 10's
Citicoline Injection 125mg/ml, 250mg/ml Ampoule 2ml, 4ml
Citicoline Oral Drops 100mg/ml Bottle 15ml
Citicoline Tablet 500mg Strip 10's
Citicoline Soft Gelatin Capsule 500mg Blister 10's
Citicoline Sodium Lyophilized Injection 0.25g Vial 10ml
Cytidine triphosphate disodium Lyophilized Injection 20mg,40mg Vial 10ml, 20ml
Mecobalamin Lyophilized Injection 0.5mg Vial 10ml
Piracetam Lyophilized Injection 200mg/ml Vial 10ml
Piracetam Injection 200mg/ml Ampoule 5ml, 15ml
Vinpocetine Lyophilized Injection 10mg,20mg,30mg Vial 3ml

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